Restricted Keys & Restricted Master Keys


A Restricted key system provides extra security and control to any home or business.

A restricted key can only be cut at the locksmith who designed and has the restricted key system, and can only be ordered by an authorised signatory on record.

Allowing complete control of the key system and the number of keys cut and distributed.

More Secure Locksmiths develop restricted key systems for;

  • Residential building property
  • Individual residential premises, house, unit ect
  • Commercial buildings
  • Retail and office spaces
  • Schools
  • Industrial premises
  • National key systems

It doesn’t matter the size of the key system, if you only need 1 key or a complete Grand master key structured system, we can help with all our customers requirements.

So, if it’s a simple or complex system, we can help.

All keys are stamped, recorded and issued to the end user, so all keys are accounted for and auditable anytime.

So call us today to make your premises or institution More Secure with a restricted key system.

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